The Church of St John the Baptist, North Cheriton

We are pleased to let you know that your church will be open on the following dates –

Welcome !

We are looking forward to seeing you back in church. You will notice that the Services and the church have needed some adaptation. These changes have been made in order to comply with guidance that we have received from the government, Church of England and our Diocese. The purpose of this guidance is to keep you and others safe during the period in which the coronavirus remains a threat.

See below for information concerning the resumption of Communion services from 9 August 2020 –

Seating – we need, so far as possible, to maintain a social distancing space of 2 metres (or 1 metre where this is not possible). Those who live in the same household can sit together. The seats in which members of different households can sit will be marked by a green marker. On your arrival you and other members of your household will be asked to sit in a vacant space marked in this way.

Service booklets – Your service booklet will be placed on your pew. Please do not take it home with you. The service booklets will be collected after the service and ‘quarantined’ for a period of 48 hours. Following this period they will be available for use in the next service which takes place in the church.

Bible and reading of lessons – Could those who are to read lessons please bring with them either their own Bible or a printed sheet with the reading on it and use one or other of these. The purpose of this is to ensure that different people do not touch the lectern Bible.

Music – We are not at this stage of the easing of restrictions permitted to have congregational singing. For this reason we have decided for the moment to have said services although we may play some recorded music as you enter and leave the church.

Communion – In preparing for Communion there are various precautions (such as hand sanitising) which the officiant will need to take.

Communion will only be distributed in one kind (i.e. bread/wafers). There will be no sharing of the wine from the Common Cup.

In distributing Communion, the officiant will stand at the chancel steps. In view of the numbers that we anticipate at Communion, the best way of preserving social distancing between members of the congregation will be for individuals/households to come up separately to receive Communion while others remain seated.

The use of face masks still remains voluntary in a church setting. The officiant may choose to wear a face mask during distribution and communicants may decide whether or not they also wish to wear face masks during distribution. The advice is that the risk from the comparative lack of social distancing for the brief time during distribution of Communion is relatively low.

In any case contact will be minimised at this point because there will be no words of distribution given on handing out the bread and this will be placed in the communicant’s hands by the officiant in a way that avoids the touching of hands.

Face coverings – The wearing of face coverings is strongly advised

Refreshments For the time being we are not serving refreshments after the service.

Collection – There will be no collection taken during the service. We do, of course, very much appreciate your generosity and would encourage you, if possible, to give by electronic means at this present time. Please contact the Churchwarden or Secretary if you need any further details on how this can be done.

Village Hall After Covid 19



Due to the Covid 19 Pandemic we have not been able to hold our AGM and update the village developments concerning the Hall.  This communication in no way attempts to replace the need for an AGM but it is an advisory on how we are managing the current situation and our plans going forward.

Last night there was a meeting of the Village Hall committee , where we discussed Covid compliance and usage constraints.  We brainstormed ideas on these challenges and other considerations to make the hall an attractive centre where we could create a good social venue for all villagers to enjoy after this Virus has retreated.

The Virus has meant social distancing imposes strict space restrictions and thereby limits participant numbers making some activities, e.g. keep fit, Pilates. Removing the stage would address this issue allowing us to completely insulate the roof area above the stage, improve acoustics but more importantly increases floor space by 25% 

But not everybody is interested in keep fit therefore what could be done to increase the social engagement of our community and facilitate other services in the Hall.  

This question then led to discussions on to whether having a small Coffee & Tea bar, constructed in corner of the stage area,  would satisfy a much need communal need to have a place where we can gather sit and relax and have a chat.  Perhaps have coffee mornings offering cakes and biscuits during the week and Breakfast could be served on the weekends.  We would welcome feedback on this idea

Another idea was have outside decking floor at the back or side of the hall so there is an outside seating area to enjoy a social drink in the sun.

On the maintenance front we need to:

1 Repair the drive in front of the hall and re-tarmac.

2 Replace the heaters in the hall as the existing ones are very expensive to run and are not really very effective.

3 Replace the seating chairs and get more comfortable ones.

4 Improve the acoustics in the hall.

5 Get a new Projector 

6 Restart the Movie Night

We now have TWO pianos and other musical instruments available if anyone is interested in learning.

The committee feel strongly that the Hall should be the heart of the village where everyone can get together from time to time and socialise, and have fun.  We also have a remit to think about the next generation of villagers that will use it and laying down the foundations to satisfy these needs.  We do not own all the good ideas so we would welcome your ideas, themes that you consider important for us to consider to meet these goals.

We look forward to your comments

Jam Jars for Kisumu

Do you remember Lent?

Many of you kindly took jam jars to collect loose change for our church project at Kisumu Childrens Trust in Kenya.  We would now like to send the proceeds to Michael and Katherine Dare who are two of the Trustees of the charity. 

Please can you deliver your jars to Sue Fitzmaurice at Overdale, Hardings Lane, North Cheriton and the money will be totalled and passed on to the charity.

If you would like to know more about the work of the Trust, go to –

Thank you !

NHW – letter to the community from the Chief Constable.

Avon and Somerset Police crest

21/07/20 9788 Somerset: Chief Constable outlines increasing demand as lockdown eases.

Dear Members,

The attached document contains a statement from Chief Constable Andy Marsh, who explains the demand the police faced over the last weekend. Please share this as widely as possible as it provides an insight of some of the things the police have dealt with during just one weekend.

Kind regards

Paul Johnson

NHW Admin (Somerset)


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