NHW – Local problems

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21/02/20 9788 AE028/029/030: Witness appeal following anti social behaviour in Wincanton.

We’re appealing for witnesses following anti-social behaviour in Wincanton.

Teenagers have been riding mini mopeds illegally in the Cale Hill recreation ground over a number of weeks.

We’ve received complaints about the bikes being ridden at high speed late into the evening. There are also noise issues.

We take these types of incident seriously as there is potential for members of the public to be injured by the reckless and illegal riding.

The area is heavily used by members of the public, including dog walkers and a local running club. There is also a cub scout headquarters in the area.

One youngster who was detained admitted riding a moped in the recreation ground was served a Section 59 notice (This runs for 12 months from the date of issue and means that during that time if the offender is caught committing further offences with a moped or vehicle, it will be seized without any form of warning).

On 18 February we were advised that an unknown youth was riding a mini moped on Home Drive in Wincanton for about 20 minutes around 3pm.

If anyone knows who the rider was we would like to hear from you.

We would appeal to the public to be our eyes and ears and report any similar incidents so that appropriate action can be taken.

If you have any information to help our enquiries, please contact us.

If you can help, please call 101and give the call handler the reference number 5220040801

You can contact the independent charity Crimestoppers 100 per cent anonymously on 0800 555 111or via their Anonymous Online Form.

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Neighbourhood Watch

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26/02/20 9788 Somerset: Telephone Scams

Dear Members,

There have been a significant number of telephone scams of late, a lot of us will have received the automated message saying your subscription is due for renewal “Please press Option 1”. These are scam phone calls and companies such as Amazon will never call a customer outside of their website. If it does not feel right just hang up, you can always call back.

I have attached a copy of the Little Book of Scams for you to read and save.


You were sent this message because you are in the following group(s): North Cheriton (North Cheriton, BA80AQ).

NHW- House Alarms advice

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27/02/20 9788 Somerset: Consumer Advice Regarding Intruder Alarms.

If you are considering installing a burglar alarm, then it is suggested that you contact

The Alarms Team at Avon and Somerset Constabulary (01278 646 644)

There are companies who promote their security installations by advising that police do not respond to alarm activations. This statement is incorrect. If you are considering a security installation with the requirement of a police response, The Alarms Team can offer guidance and advice on how this can be achieved.

There are many different types of security systems which can offer you the security you require, these can vary in price and vary in the end result. If you receive a phone call from a security company offering you a deal, please remember that if a deal sounds too good to be true, it invariably is. Consumer advice reminds us to always shop around and compare prices and the purchase of electronic security is no different.


• Door 2 Door Sales people attending your house who are not invited.

• Telesales persons telephoning your home.

• Waiving your rights to a cooling off period.

• Overpriced security systems and unclear contracts.

You can contact the Alarms Team on, (01278 646 644)

(We do not sell Alarm Systems or make recommendations)


You were sent this message because you are in the following group(s): North Cheriton (North Cheriton, BA80AQ).

Dog Crate

Small dog crate in need of a new home. Suitable for a puppy, small dog or cat.

It is foldable and has both side and front openings.  Dimensions are 63 x 44 x 50.5cm.

No Charge.  If interested contact Richard or Lindsay Strachan on 33231.



Church roofs – lead thefts update

The threat is real unfortunately as we have just received the following:

“Dear Incumbents and Churchwardens I am very sorry to let you know that we have been informed that there has been lead stolen from the nave roof of Barrington Church (Winsmoor Benefice) last night; please be extra vigilant at this time. Simon Hill, Archdeacon of Taunton

Can you add Rory Graham to the list of those who can be contacted if you see anything suspicious in North Cheriton – Rory Graham 01963 34479

Thank you !

Church roofs – Lead thefts

We have received the following from the Venerable Anne Gell, Archdeacon of Wells

“As some of you know, there have been some recent thefts of lead from church roofs, and it is indeed looking to be a whole spate in rural areas.
In the last week I have been told about thefts at Middlezoy, Kingsbury
Episopi and Meare.
It is a really upsetting thing to happen for the churches affected, and I
know that as well as the expense, considerable upheaval and risk of further
damage from water and weather, people can feel so helpless.

Although being aware is not necessarily going to stop it happening, please…..
get the message out into the wider community so that it would mean that more people were aware of anything that doesn’t look right.

If you do think you have spotted something suspicious, please let us know – (Susan Fitzmaurice 01963 824582 or Caroline Lee 01963 824133)

NHW – Burglary Reports

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07/02/20 9788 AE029 Burglary Residential.

A home in North Road, Charlton Horethorne has been burgled on the 6th between 10am & 4:30pm. The offender/s have gained entry via smashing a small sash window and breaking the lock. Once inside they have conducted an untidy search of every room. A couple of rings have been stolen, one of which is described as a central Ruby with small diamond and the other a small Emerald with diamonds.

If you contact the Police about this incident, please call 101 & quote Reference number: 5220030452 or Call Crimestoppers on 0800 555111, thank you.

10/02/20 9788 AE029 Burglary Residential Garage.

A garage in Wheathill Lane, Milborne Port has been broken into overnight on the 7th. The garage door was bent and forced open allowing the offender/s inside to steal a ride on lawnmower before it was abandoned 100 yards up the road.

If you contact the Police about this incident, please call 101 & quote Reference number: 5220032243 or Call Crimestoppers on 0800 555111, thank you.

You were sent this message because you are in the following group(s): North Cheriton (North Cheriton, BA80AQ).

NHW – Serious fraud alert that predominately targets the elderly.

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06/02/20 9788 Somerset Press Release: Courier fraudsters dupe 28 victims out of more than £127,000 in Avon and Somerset.

Throughout January Avon and Somerset Police have been supporting a national campaign to raise awareness of courier fraud.

A three week campaign led by the National Economic Crime Centre was a combination of awareness raising and enforcement activity and is the first phase of activity to combat fraud.

All 43 forces in England and Wales have been supporting January’s Operation Radium.

Nationally since November 44 people have been arrested on suspicion of courier fraud. Over the past two years there have been more than 3000 victims of courier fraud reported nationally with losses believed to be around £12m.

Figures released by the City of London Police – the national lead force for fraud and the co-ordinators of Operation Radium – have revealed that 28 people in the Avon and Somerset force area reported being a victim of courier fraud in 2019. This amounted to an estimated £127,224 in losses.

Nationally, victims are predominantly over 60 years of age with the most targeted demographic being females aged between 80 and 89 years.

Courier fraud is where fraudsters call someone, pretending to be a police officer or bank official, warning that there are corrupt bank staff, intent on stealing their money, and ask for their help. Typically, the caller then tells the victim to withdraw a sum of money and a courier is sent to collect it.

The ultimate aim of this call is to trick them into handing over money or their bank details.

Common techniques used by the fraudsters include telling the victim to withdraw large sums of cash or go and buy high value items. Sometimes they instruct the victim to leave their bank cards in an envelope somewhere safe. In all cases, a ‘courier’ will then come and pick up the cash, expensive item or envelope, on behalf of the police or bank. They will often come to the victim’s home address.

Last year a taxi driver in North Somerset thwarted a courier fraud incident when he became suspicious when taking a woman to the bank. His taxi had been pre-booked – allegedly by the woman’s relative – but after the taxi driver discovered the woman was planning to withdraw a large sum of money when she got to the bank, he became suspicious.

He alerted bank officials who advised the police and the large cash withdrawal was stopped.

Our message is – don’t discuss your finances with anyone who calls you out of the blue, even if they claim to be a police officer or a representative from a bank fraud department..

If you know someone who may be vulnerable to this type of offence, please speak to them and share our crime prevention tips and remind them of the threat from telephone fraudsters.

People who receive a call on their landline and are asked to contact their local police station or bank to verify the caller’s details ideally need to put the receiver down and not touch it for five minutes, just in case the fraudster has kept the line open. Ensure you have a dialling tone before re-using. Ideally use another phone such as a mobile phone or a neighbour’s phone and use 101 to verify the call.

We would also appeal to taxi drivers who are asked to collect parcels – especially from elderly – to be vigilant and contact us if they are suspicious.

DS Louise Sinclair of Avon and Somerset Police’s Complex Crime Unit said: “Victims of courier fraud tend to be elderly, living alone and trusting of the police and other official organisations.

“It is important we all play our part in protecting these vulnerable members of our community, informing them this type of crime is happening and encouraging them to report any attempts of courier fraud – successful or not – to Action Fraud and the police.

“As a force we have been happy to support Operation Radium and will continue to do all we can to create a hostile environment for would-be fraudsters,” she said.

You were sent this message because you are in the following group(s): North Cheriton (North Cheriton, BA80AQ).