Notice to Local Residence: Evening of Friday 7 June

The Swallows would like to give notice that they will be holding a party at North Cheriton Manor for their older daughter’s 21st birthday on the evening of Friday 7th June 2019. There will be some music and dancing from approx 10.30pm to 12.30am after which there will be a silent disco. 

Thank you,

Richard Swallow

Neighbourhood watch





Avon and Somerset is a large Force Area and attending a NW meeting at the Portishead Police HQ is just not practical for so many people. To overcome this, we are taking the Strategy Forum ONLINE – so that EVERYONE can join in – from your PC or tablet or mobile – WHEREVER YOU ARE.​

This is the first time we have tried this – and it’s the way we need to move forward and use technology to shrink Avon and Somerset to ‘finger tip’ proportions to enable EVERYONE to participate.​

So, to help Neighbourhood Watch DEVELOP and LOBBY for improvements in support of Neighbourhood Watch within Avon and Somerset and Nationally, ​could we invite you to ‘click’ on;


and have a look at the Strategy Planning video presentations, and then most importantly, participate in the STRATEGY PLANNING SURVEY.


To contact the Avon and Somerset Association, Telephone: 03330 142815 or email:

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Police Alert – Neighbourhood Watch

Avon and Somerset Police crest

24/05/19 7164 AN001-AN015, AE016-AE037, CN201-CS226 Telephone Scams

There have been a number of telephone scams reported recently. Once again HMRC has been used, where the caller says that they are from the Tax Office and that you owe money and a warrant has been issued for your arrest. Another scam currently going around is for someone claiming to be from BT saying that there is a problem with your internet. This one seems to be centre on giving them control of your computer to allow them to see if everything is in order. Once they have control they may demand an astronomical fee to solve the alleged “problem” or want a regular monthly payment to ensure everything stays in order. This type of ransom scam may also makes you vulnerable to viruses looking for financial information.

If you receive any form of phone call from someone you don’t know, never give them any personal or financial information and never let them take control of your computer. If you have any concerns, hang up the phone immediately. If you are still worried, contact the company the scammer claims to be from to check the validity of their claim. Use the phone number from an old bill or written communication or use the telephone directory. NEVER use a phone number given to you by the caller as it will go to an accomplice or to a premium price phone line.

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Thank you litter-pickers !

Very many thanks to all those who joined in the village litter pick, followed by T@3 on Sunday 19 May.  I’m pleased to advise that many bags of litter were collected and the village looks much tidier.  Thanks too to all those who provided cakes etc for the tea.

The afternoon was a very productive one (including the finding of a bicycle in Cherrington Lane – well done to the Mortarotti family!) and the general feedback was that it had been good to work together as a community.
We shall plan another litter pick once the undergrowth has died down, as I’m sure lots more litter will be revealed!  Watch out for future notices!

Caroline Lee

North Cheriton litter picking followed by T@3

This event will take place on Sunday 19 May.  Please meet at the church at 2.00 pm and we can then work out who will go where. Please come and join us.

Please could you bring the following with you if possible: rubber gloves/gardening gloves or similar, litter picker if you have one, a high viz vest or anything similar.  Perhaps a stick to part the nettles too.  
If you have any spare high viz vests and are willing for others to borrow them for the afternoon, please could you bring them with you.  
I shall provide bin bags and will have some spare gloves.
Please come and join us for tea at the church afterwards.
Any queries, please do contact me.
Best wishes
Caroline Lee (01963 824133)

Neighbourhood Watch

Avon and Somerset Police crest

14/05/19 7164 AE029 Attempted Burglary

Someone smashed a ground floor window at a residence in Pear Ash Lane, Pen Selwood, between midday on Thursday 9 May and 6pm on Saturday the 11th. It doesn’t appear that any entry was made and nothing seems to have been stolen. If you contact the Police about this incident, please quote Reference number: 5219103758

If you have any information regarding this incident, contact the Police on 101. Alternatively you can call Crimestoppers anonymously on 0800 555111

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Village Litter Pick, Sunday 19 May at 2pm, followed by T@3

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Following the annual spring clean of the church on 11 May, the PCC thought it would be a good idea to tidy up the village as well.  There seems to be quite a bit of litter around.

Why not come and join us on 19 May and then reward yourselves with T@3 at the church? T@3 is held on third Sundays of the month at the church and is a chance to have tea, delicious cakes and a chat with other villagers.

We would very much like this to be a whole village event, not just for those who go to church here.  We are proposing to start at 2.00pm and then have tea at 3.00pm.

If you are able to join us please could you let me know; this way we shall be able to organise who will litter pick which areas and I can let you know details about equipment.

The more the merrier!

Caroline Lee (01963 824133)

or email:

Wincanton – Newly opened shop


Opposite the now vacant ‘Clementina’, at No 6 High Street

Mike has set up a new start-up venture to supply  Wincanton and the villages with basic Hardware goods and DIY products, from brooms and buckets to nails and screws and garden gloves and tools.

He is expanding his stock so tell him what you want beyond what you find there already. Cash accepted.

Support your local business !