Computer Virus Scam warning from the Police.

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BCU28 29112018 Windows Computer Scam

BCU28 29112018 Somerset

There has been a reported rise in the ‘Microsoft virus on your computer’ telephone scam.

This scam is where the caller is saying your computer has a virus. The caller claims that if the virus is not removed damage will be caused to the computer. The caller will ask the computer owner to access a website provided by the caller and download software to deal with the virus. Doing this will expose the computer to potential risks like; unwanted Malware, computer viruses or allowing remote access to the computer by the caller even after the call has ended.

In a recent case where the software was downloaded as per the caller’s instructions the software reported that there were numerous viruses on the computer. The caller askes the computer owner to provide bank details and personal information so that the viruses could be removed.

The simple solution is, if you receive a call of this nature or similar nature then end the call immediately.

If you have been targeted by a call of this nature and you have followed the caller’s instructions switch off the computer and isolate it from any network and/or the internet. If you have concerns about viruses on your computer consider seeking advice from a trusted computer specialist.

For further advice on cyber-crime visit

You were sent this message because you are in the following group(s): North Cheriton (North Cheriton, BA80AQ).

Safety reminder from the Police

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BCU27 26112018 Vehicle Crime

BCU27 26112018

This is a message for members of all schemes:

Thefts from motor vehicles often increase at this time of year and leading up to the Festive period. Many criminals are tempted by items (both large and small) being left on display in vehicles that are unattended. If possible you are advised not to leave anything on display, whether it is coins for the car park, shopping, a spare coat for inclement weather, work tools or paperwork – unfortunately it is all tempting to the criminal.

Even if they do not steal anything of value – there is the inconvenience and expense of reparations to your vehicle.

Always make sure that vehicle windows and doors are kept secure whenever unattended, even when leaving a vehicle open/unlocked when unattended for a short time.

Keep car keys in a safe placed at home – away from windows and doors, preferably in a locked cupboard or cabinet.

You were sent this message because you are in the following group(s): North Cheriton (North Cheriton, BA80AQ).

The Lord’s Larder request

We are hoping that, by the end of the week, we can deliver a large amount of food to the Lord’s Larder in Yeovil.  All food is requested but Christmas items are suggested below –  please put them in the plastic box by the font in the church.  Thank you so much.

Christmas puddings

Slabs of Christmas cake

Mince pies (in date for Christmas)


Chocolate Biscuits Fingers


Drinking Chocolate

Large Tins of Ham

Tins of Salmon

Tins of Fruit

Trifle mixes

Meringue nests

Peanuts / Nuts

Cheese Biscuits

Cake & Cake Slices (in date)

Yet another missing dog

Image may contain: people sitting, dog, outdoor and nature

From Higher Holton – Monkey, elderly Border Terrier. He was not well yesterday morning and then he disappeared later that afternoon. Please keep an eye out for him and let us know if he is spotted, his owner is very worried. He is wearing a blue tartan collar. Thank you

  • Phone 07977491178  or
  • Phone 07973167078