Scottish & Southern Electricity, Power Failure

When we lost electrical power last evening I phoned SSE to see what was happening.  I was told that 88 properties had lost power (most of North Cheriton I guess!) and that their engineers were working on it.
The most interesting part of the conversation was when the young lady told me the emergency number to call.  No longer is a long 0800 number needed but just 105.  Much easier to dial in the dark!
If you check the SSE website there is some good advice for when the power fails, this is copied below…
Power cut
If you have a power cut, check to see if your neighbours’ electricity supply is also affected:
  • Is their power still on? Check your trip switch if you have one.  If it has tripped, switch off all your appliances and then reset it.
  • Is their power off too? Call 105 or your local Electricity Network Operator’s 24 hour Emergency Helpline 0800-072-7282

Awareness Notice

This post is from Richard and Fiona Swallows.

The Swallows are having a party this evening, Thursday 13th April from 8pm, to celebrate their son’s 21st birthday.
There will be music from about 10/10.30pm until 1pm (although the DJ has been asked to keep the base turned down low) , after which there will be a “silent disco”.
We do apologise if this disturbs anyone unduly.

Richard and Fiona Swallow