Unwanted/Nuisance telephone calls.

It is deeply frustrating to receive these hassle telephone calls, especially when they begin around 0820!!!  For the past three days we have received these about twice a day, or more. We are registered with the Telephone Preference Service, though they seem to have no teeth! On Incoming calls these callers are only registered as International or Unavailable. If I do not just hear silence, but hear a ‘real’ person the voice is very accented and difficult to understand!!!!!   I do  not want to ask BT to bar International calls as we have family calls in this category.  Are any other villagers receiving these calls?  Have you any positive suggestions – within the law?????????????????????????????????????

Neighbourhood Watch

BCU2 16012017 Somerset

BCU 16012017 Crime Reduction

On Friday 20 January the Police will undertake a day of action focusing on crime reduction by providing information to help prevent people becoming victims of crime and provide reassurance and support to victims of crime. As part of this initiative we will be sending out a series of messages to provide general information and where possible details of initiatives being undertaken by officers locally.

Today we would like to concentrate on protecting your home. Please ask all members to ensure door and window locks are of good quality and in good working order. Remove keys from locked windows and doors, and keep them out of sight – latter is particularly important if you have a cat-flap or windows in the door. If you have an alarm make sure it is well maintained or perhaps consider having one installed.

BCU3 17012017 Somerset

BCU3 17012017 Somerset

Crime reduction message:

There is a range of property marking options available including permanent forensic marking solutions, engraving, permanent marker/paint. Choose an option (or options) best suited to you and if you are looking at marking high value items such as art and antiques seek advice from an expert.

Record property on the national property database http://www.immobilise.com which can help deter thieves and increase your chances of getting property returned.


Monthly Craft Evenings Resume !

You are welcome to come along with your Craft-in-progress for a chat and coffee at Overdale, Hardings Lane on Thursday 2 February at 7pm.  Share ideas, check up on the length of Lesley’s scarf and spend a relaxing time with fellow crafters.

We look forward to seeing you. Just turn up !

For more info contact Sue Fitzmaurice on 01963 824582 or email SFitzm@aol.comcraft

Have you lost a dog ?

If anyone has visitors from Sturminster Newton and their dog has gone missing, I have him here !  He was running around at the bottom of Hardings Lane (near the A357).  He is a little Jack Russell.  Ring me on 01963 824582 – Susan Fitzmaurice