The Lord’s Larder Food Bank

People in North Cheriton are supporting The Lord’s Larder in Yeovil, a wonderful food-distribution system for really needy people in this part of Somerset. For the past three years we have been donating food, via our own Parish Church, St John the Baptist.

Lords Larder

 What is the Lord’s Larder?

It is a local “bank” of non-perishable food, operated by volunteers from churches in and around Yeovil. It began in a small way in 1991, when a representative of the Yeovil Citizens’ Advice Bureau spoke about the need for emergency food parcels to members of one of the Yeovil churches. More than 45 local churches, 25 schools and several community groups now supply the “food bank” regularly.

Typically each year, thousands of emergency food parcels, containing over 42,000 items of food, are given out via different agencies to help about 2,000 adults and 1,100 children.

 How the Larder works?

  • Local schools, churches, community groups and others organisations donate food and money throughout the year.
  • Volunteers sort and store the food in a purpose built larder.
  • Volunteers make up emergency food parcels in response to requests by phone from Social Services and other recognised agencies.
  • The agencies collect the parcels and deliver them to those in need.

How you can help?

In these difficult times, more and more people are finding that they don’t have enough money for food.  Please help us to help them.  Experience shows that donating food to organisations like The Lord’s Larder is a very effective way.

So when you go shopping for food, buy an extra item or two from the list below and put them in the collecting box in North Cheriton Church.  As the box fills up the food is stored until the whole consignment is taken by volunteers to The Lord’s Larder in Yeovil at the end of each month or more frequently at peak times of demand.

If you’re interested in donating non-perishable food items to The Lord’s Larder food bank, the following items are the most in need.

Shopping List
  • Tinned Tuna, Tinned Meat Pies
  • Tins of Stewed Steak
  • Tinned Mince, Tins of Hot Dogs, Tins of Meatballs
  • Tins of Corned Beef, Tins of Ham
  • Jars of Pasta Sauce
  • 80 Teabags, Coffee
  • Large and Small Packets of Cereals i.e. Weetabix,
  • Cereal Bars
  • Porridge Oats, Meat Paste
  • Packets of Biscuits
  • Packets of Cream Crackers
  • Small and large bags of Sugar
  • Cartons Long Life Milk
  • Cartons of Fruit Juice, Squash
  • Jars of Jams


  • Tins of Curry, Tins of Chilli Con Carne, Instant Potato
  • Tins of Mixed Vegetables
  • Tins of Peas, Carrots, Potato
  • Tins of Sweetcorn
  • Baked Beans, Tinned Ravioli
  • Tins of Beans and Sausages
  • Tins of Spaghetti, Packets of Rice
  • Packets of Pasta, Pasta sauces, Noodles, Couscous, Packets of Savoury Rice, Cup a Soup
  • Tins of Fruit, Rice Pudding, Jelly, Instant Custard, Instant Whip


 The Lord’s Larder operates in many part of Britain. Individuals in need of food urgently should telephone the following central number:  

                                                    SOMERSET DIRECT 0845 345 9122 

Items you would like to donate should be placed in the box provided in the Church.

Thank You.

Wessex Internet Map

Below is the map of the Village that identifies houses, according to Wessex Internet, that are able to receive their High Speed Broadband services now.  Any house with a green dot has line of sight to the Conneygore Hill mast.

The installation cost is approximately £200.  A grant of £500 is available from the council.  Should you apply for the grant Wessex will pass on the remaining £300 of the grant to the investors who paid to install the Conneyhill Mast.

For the remainder ,(21 houses), who do not have line of sight, will require an alternative solution.  Those houses will be contacted in the very near future to identify their interest in discussing potential solutions.  For these houses the £500 grant is available of which £300 is available to support an alternative solution.

Wessex Internet Survey Map - North Cheriton

Reminder Wessex Internet Meeting

The meeting is on Wednesday this week at 7:30 in the Village Hall.

We are meeting with Luke Skipsey who is the Sales Manager for this area.

He plans to talk for 30 minutes and then hand it over to a question and answer session.

The meeting is planned to last 1 hour depending on the level of interest.

Please inform any neighbours, who are not on the Blog, of the meeting and encourage them to attend.  Having High-Speed Broad band available to a household does add value to your property and this is an opportunity to find out more.  This is not a commercially binding meeting.

Church of St John the Baptist


Thank you to all of you who attended our Patronal Festival Service last week.  We were all able to renew our baptismal vows and many memories were shared during the lovely tea in the Village Hall afterwards.  We are pleased to say that we have been able to send a cheque for £200 to the St John of Jerusalem Eye Hospital which was the nominated charity for the event.

Wessex Internet Meeting Reminder

At the moment only a few have registered interest with meeting face to face with Wessex Internet and very few have responded accepting the meeting invitation post sent out last week.

It would be a shame to have to cancel the meeting as I feel it is in our interest to meet as a group so as to gain a common understanding of the services offered and to  identify opportunities from the collective usage of the £500 per household Somerset Council grant.

The Sales Manager for Wessex has to travel up from London.  Unless we are able to muster a reasonable number it is not worth his while making the effort.   If the date is not suitable then please suggest alternatives as I am sure there is room to negotiate as they would want to address the largest target audience.

This meeting is not a commitment to purchase the services but more to understand the benefits of moving to an alternative high speed broadband provider.