Special Request….

Very loving 3yr old mini Schnauzer available to borrow during weekdays…will gladly go for walks but is just as happy to sit next to you while you work or sit on you while you rest. He is also very gentle and playful with children.

I work 4 long days a week and am hoping that there is someone nearby who misses having a dog or who would love the company that could have him for any period of the day so he doesn’t get lonely.

Please email Paula at odwyer7@Gmail.com or call 01963 824108.

Recycling of Sheep Fleece Insulation..



Occasionally I have a delivery of frozen food from Cook – marvellous stuff.  Always very well packed and insulated. The insulation is environmentally friendly in that rolls of sheep fleece are used.  I recently used some to line baskets in the garden – first moss goes in, then a later of sheep fleece, the soil and plants!  I began to notice that blue tits were very interested in the baskets – then they began to ‘feather their own nests’ but with the wool! – very green !P1050040cr

Camelot Prayer Walks 2016

In the period around Pentecost this year the Archbishops of Canterbury and York have called for a wave of prayer across the nation centred around the words in the Lord’s Prayer, ‘thy kingdom come, thy will be done.’ Further details can be found on the website http://www.thykingdom.co.uk. There is also a helpful video on Youtube which can be accessed through typing in the search term ‘thy kingdom come welby’.
The Rector wishes to respond personally to this invitation by conducting a series of Prayer Walks around the villages of the Camelot Parishes starting and ending at the village church at 4 pm and lasting not more than an hour. Details of the dates of the Prayer Walks in the villages are given below. All are welcome to join him on these Walks. He hopes at least to be accompanied by his dog Jack !
All other members of the congregation and community are also welcome to respond to this initiative in their own way.
For instance, St John the Baptist North Cheriton, which is always open for prayer, will over the Pentecost period be placing a number of set prayers at accessible points in the church. These can be used for personal prayer if this is helpful. Alternatively, people may wish either individually or in a small group simply to sit quietly in church reflecting on the application of the words ‘thy kingdom come, thy will be done’ and praying this through. The church is always available for this purpose but especially at this time.

Starting and ending at the village church
 From 4pm lasting not more than an hour
Blackford, Monday 9th May

North Cheriton, Thursday 12th May

Compton Pauncefoot, Friday 13th May
South Cadbury, Monday 16th May

Yarlington, Thursday 19th May
Bratton Seymour, Monday 23rd May

North Cadbury, Friday 27th May

Holton, Monday 30th May

Galhampton, Tuesday 31st May

Charity Fund Raising Sale.

Very interesting and worthy event being held at The Workhouse Chapel. Bath Road. Sturminster Newton. DTIO IDR on Saturday 30th April. Sunday 1st May 1000 – 1700

Fund raising for the Fortunewell Cancer Trust.

Some of you have previously been to this marvellous building.  The Workhouse Chapel was the venue for the 2015 Handmade for Christmas Selling Exhibition.  Again Rose Hatcher  is the driving force. She promises ‘squidgy sofa’s, tea. cake and a fire if it is chilly!  Her aim is ‘to make this event the dress agency/charity shop of your dreams’. Lovely clothes, fabrics, books etc etc.  Add the dates to your calendar and enjoy.


Queens 90th Birthday Party

Her Majesty’s 90th Birthday commemorations will centre on her official birthday weekend – 10 to 12 June.  Historically the village has held a street party to celebrate significant royal events.  A Street Party is a fitting way to celebrate this historic milestone – and for our community to get involved  –  and honour the Queen through your own eventStreet_Party_table.

The Gayle Trust has kindly agreed to sponsor the event which is the good news.

The bad news is that time is running out and we need a team of volunteers to organise the day and develop a plan with suitable sets of activities appropriate to the occasion.

This post is therefore to find volunteers to join a one off events team to make it all happen.  If you are interested in helping organise the celebrations then please contact me either by phone, 33231 or email, rcstrachan@btinternet.com.

Wessex Internet Update

Due to our excellent response I have heard back from Wessex Internet that they have updated their website to North Cheriton coming soon. We now appear on the drop down menu of villages for those who still plan to register.

I was also informed that the Stoke Trister mast will support most of North Cheriton.  We might have to have a booster for total coverage but we will find out more once Stoke Trister is operational.

Below are some links to case studies of other similar villages that are now live with Wessex Internet.

Please forward this email to any residents who you know are not on the Blog circulation.


Will Sutton(Wessex Internet)

11 Apr, 11:52

Hi Richard,

We are still waiting to hear from the council about the finer details of the voucher scheme so I will update you once I hear more.

We have had very good numbers enquire from North Cheriton, almost 20 households already.

Below are a couple of links to village case studies that we have put together after moving to villages similar to yours. I hope these help paint a picture of what it is we provide to rural communities. https://www.wessexinternet.com/melcombe-bingham-case-study/ https://www.wessexinternet.com/hilton-case-study/ I hope this helps,

Will Sutton

Wessex Internet SUPERFAST FIBRE & WIRELESS INTERNET office: 0333 240 7997 web: www.wessexinternet.com




 North Vale Parish Council

invite all members of the Parish to its

Annual Parish Meeting to be

held on Monday 18th April

at 7pm

in Holton Village Hall


We would encourage you to come along and meet your Councillors and discuss various items that we will be addressing over the coming year. Namely, various issues surrounding the upkeep of road signage within the Parish.

We would also love to hear any views on, or ideas for, our Community as a whole.  It’s your community and your money so please get involved.

Elizabeth Persson, Parish Clerk

Wessex Internet Update

I have had a number of queries concerning problems registering with
Wessex Internet.

Use the following information:

Enquiry Type: Register Interest (not in contract)

Network Coverage: Coming Soon

Network Area: Charlton Musgrove

Add in the comments section the following:

I live in the village of North Cheriton that is 5 miles south of Charlton Musgrove on the South Somerset and North Dorset border.  I am therefore registering interest to identify what could be done to support the introduction and deployment of your High Speed Broadband services in my immediate area.


Wessex Internet – Hi Speed Broadband


Following up on the discussions regarding high speed broadband, at the Village Meeting, I made contact with the company mentioned ,Wessex Internet, and received back the email below.

It is in our interests to register interest as directed below.  This is not a commitment to take the service but it does give Wessex Internet some incentive to continue their deployment of services into our area.

Please let me know if you have registered with Wessex and we will create a users group of interested parties to develop our approach and interaction with the company.


Wessex Internet


Thank you for emailing in. We are currently in the final stages of putting a mast up in Stoke Trister. Hopefully this mast will be able to serve you village, we will know for definite once accurate survey pictures have been taken. We are also in the process of being accepted onto Connection Devon and Somerset’s internet subsidy scheme which will give access to residents of the counties to a £500 voucher to go towards the installation of our service. Therefore if we aren’t able to connect the whole village via Stoke Trister there is most definitely a solution we could orchestrate if residents were to pool together their vouchers. In the mean time it would be great if you could ask neighbours and other nearby residents to register their interest on our website. This allows us to keep them up to date on the voucher scheme and a potential expansion into your village. The link to share is: https://www.wessexinternet.com/register-interest/ Please let me know if you would like any more information or marketing material to distribute. I will let you know once the mast in Stoke Trister goes live and hopefully we can further our talks with your village at that point. All the best,

Will Sutton

Wessex Internet