Meeting Invitation



Wednesday, 6th  April, 2016 at 7.30pm in The Village Hall


Since the first Parish Meeting in North Cheriton was held on 4th December 1894 there has been an almost unbroken sequence of annual meetings. Your attendance at this meeting is important as it will allow you to air your concerns and perhaps offer to help on village matters to everyone’s benefit.  Since last year our efforts to obtain name boards on the B3145 have been successful, so perhaps at the meeting this year we should form ideas for other projects of mutual benefit.

To all new residents of our peaceful village, we extend a warm welcome to this meeting.  Throughout the year there are events that bring the village together and foster the British community spirit.  We hope you will be able to join us as this meeting to socialise with other residents and see what is going on in North Cheriton.  We also hope that longer standing residents who have not attended in recent years will come along as well to meet the newcomers.

As an added incentive all attendees will be offered a complimentary glass of wine!


  1. Election of Chairman and Secretary for 2016-17
  2. Apologies for Absence
  3. Minutes of Parish Meeting of villagers, 2015, and Matters Arising.
  4. Village Hall AGM  (Chaired by Richard Strachan)
  5. Gale Trust Report  (Given by Brian Kilford)
  6. Church Matters & Thomas Abbott Trust Report (Given by Belinda Salthouse)
  7. Parish Council Report (Given by Nick Haggett)
  8. Speed Watch Report (Given by Graham Skillen)
  9. Neighbourhood Watch Report (Given by Lesley Tyson)
  10. The North Cheriton and District Garden Society (Given by James Lee)
  11. The War Memorial (Given by David Tunbridge)
  12. Any Other Business

Graham Skillen – Chairman.  33388         James Lee – Secretary.   32671

Neighbourhood Watch

BCU0005 04032016 Non Dwelling Breaks

This is the time of year when historically there is an increase in the theft of items from sheds, garages, barns, stables etc. This message is sent as a reminder to all members regarding security of this type. Recent crimes have highlighted lawn mowers, ride-on mowers, tools, fuel and pedal cycles amongst items stolen.

Please take a few minutes to check the security of property and make any necessary maintenance. Making sure that locks are properly fitted and used, alarms are in good order and are set, tools/machinery/cycles etc are property marked and secured whenever possible can help to prevent you becoming a victim of crime.

We do have limited copies of a leaflet available with general crime reduction advice that you can order through Lindsey in the NHW office or an abbreviated pdf version is outlined below.

Protecting your Garden & Outbuildings
When protecting your home, it is not just the house itself you have to think about. Reports of thefts from gardens, outbuildings, sheds and garages, are an issue too – particularly in rural areas.
The value of property stored in sheds and outbuildings is often much greater than you may realise.
Keeping your garden secure
By increasing the security of your garden, not only can you reduce theft and burglary to your outbuildings, you can also help to minimise the risk of forced entry to your house.
Supplement and reinforce garden fences with tall and prickly plants and shrubbery to act as a further deterrent to accessing your property.
Shrubbery can also be used under first floor windows and around drainpipes to prevent
unauthorised access.
If the access to the back of your house is gained via a passage, it is recommended you fit a
steel bar gate, at least the same height as your garden fencing.
Install outside security lighting operated by either movement sensor or photo electric cell.
Photograph valuable and unusual garden ornaments and keep these in a secure place.
Security advice for outbuildings
Mark your power tools etc. with your post code and house number or the first two letters of
your house name and place the details on
Put away all tools and equipment and lock up using good quality or specialist locks.
Remember these tools could be used to break into your home. Don’t leave ladders outside,
or chain them up if you have to.
Double garage doors with a rim latch should be supplemented with a mortice deadlock.
Most standard ‘up and over’ garage doors are easily overcome by a burglar. You can prevent this by drilling a hole through the channel above the wheels and fitting a padlock. Alternatively, fit a hasp and staple each side of the door with a padlock or fit a specialist lock.
If the garage is attached to the main building ensure that connecting doors are secure.
Check that your household insurance covers theft from your garden and outbuildings.
Fit a battery operated alarm.
Fit a window grille and/or frosted window film to stop a thief seeing into your shed or
Chain tools, cycles and other valuable equipment together using high security chain or
cable and a good quality padlock.
Replace standard hinges with strap hinges secured by coach bolts or use security screws
on existing hinges

Monthly Police Report

AE0129 29022016 AE030, Wincanton rural

MONTHLY UPDATE – January (below figures relate to the whole of the beat area)

Total calls reported to the Police across the beat – 110

Out of those 47 were listed as crimes, including:

4 Assault

0 Assault on Police

0 dwelling burglary (+ 1 attempt)

2 Non dwelling burglary (+ 0 attempt)

12 criminal damage (property/vehicles)

1 theft from motor vehicles

0 theft of motor vehicle

0 theft of pedal cycles

0 theft from shops

remainder miscellaneous

(PLEASE NOTE: the police have moved to a new recording system which may result in short term inaccuracies in data)

Anti Social Behaviour (ASB) – 15 reports. Include reports covering noise issues, suspicious vehicle, public order and noise issues.

Beat Surgeries are held locally and a selection include:

8 & 29 April, Marston Magna village hall, 10.30-11.30am

Wednesdays at Ilchester town hall, 10-12noon, when shifts allow

Fridays at Henstridge village hall, 10.30-12noon, when shifts allow

2nd Tuesday in each month at Queen Camel memorial hall, 10.30-12noon when shifts allow.

PACT/Have Your Say – agenda item at your parish council meetings – staff attend when shifts allow, including:

1st Monday in the month at Sparkford village hall starting at 8pm

1st Monday in the month at Henstridge village hall starting at 7.30pm

Current policing priorities include speeding issues in Sparkford. The community speed watch in Marston Magna has currently folded.

There is a new co-ordinator and 6 volunteers now for the Queen Camel Flood Road Closure scheme.

If you have information about suspicious incidents or activity please telephone the police on the general number 101 – always ask the call handler to mark, or tag, your call Neighbourhood Watch.

Craft Evening

The Crafters Group in North Cheriton meets on the first Thursday of each month, which means this Thursday, 3rd March 7.30pm at Overdale. We enjoy an evening of chat and crafting. Just bring anything you feel like doing.

Do you knit or crochet?
Do you like to embroider?
Are you a cross stitcher?
Contact: Susan Fitzmaurice at or 824582
or Belinda Salthouse at or 31382
Come and join us!