Scam – Beware!

Dear Sheila,

Just had a computer scam tried on me, fortunately I was aware that it was happening

Phone call from an Asian man stating he was from Microsoft and they had been receiving lots of error reports from my computer and he would like to correct them for me. Please go to my computer and he would help me

What then happens then, if you do this, is that he gives a number of instructions which enable him to take control of your computer and bar you from access .   They then ransom you to give control back to you.

My answer was to ask for his name telephone number and address and I would ask the police to check him out. He then told me to go !!!! myself and put the phone down

Perhaps you can put this on the blog

Peter Abbott
Elm Cottage

Neighbourhood Watch

BCU04 11022016 Somerset

This is a general message to all Neighbourhood Watch schemes to remind of the need to be wary of cold callers. These can take the form of persons calling at the house, cold calling on the phone, unsolicited Emails or post. Calls can vary from persons wanting to undertake work at your home to calls from people wanting to make appointments to discuss alarms, insulation etc.

If you want to have work done at your property please ensure that you contact workers yourself or ask family/friends for recommendations. You can also contact the Trading Standards office regarding their Buy with Confidence approved trader scheme ( as mentioned on the recent NHW newsletter.

Police suggest that any unsolicited caller, phone call, Email or letter is treated in the same way – don’t have any dealings with them, don’t give any personal information (name, address, phone number, bank details) and don’t reply to Emails. If you think that there is suspicious activity that is of concern contact the police on their 101 number – alternatively use the 999 system if you think there is a bogus caller at your door.

Remember – if in doubt, keep them out.

BCU3 05022016

BCU3 05022016

The following is crime reduction advice regarding a free application that has recently been launched.

Hollie Guard is a free personal security service, which improves personal safety for everyone through innovative use of technology. The Hollie Guard App. turns your smartphone into an effective personal security device’.

Further details and registration available at:

What’s new in the garden?

The sun came out this morning, for all of 15 minutes – followed by yet more rain…

Took my camera with me to photograph some changes I have made and then spotted a new flowering !  This year is the first time a particular hellebore seedling has flowered, this can take up to 3 years, and what a show ! Double and pale lemon, quite exciting, no other species obviously nearby. Hope I have ‘bumbled’ my way around this post correctly !


Be Aware – ‘Phone scam

At 12.45 today, I  had a call from an Indian-sounding gent claiming to be from my internet provider [without saying it was BT]. The line was poor and he said he’d ring back. A couple of minutes later, he did so on a better line, identified himself, as above,telling me I had  ‘a few problems’ on my line, nothing to worry about and if I logged on, I could see for myself. I put the phone down immediately, being certain it was a phishing attempt. My phone rang a minute later; I didn’t answer and just cut them off. They did not recall. There phone number was withheld. As noted, this was a classic phishing attempt I am sure.
There is no reason to think it was ‘locally targeted’, but you may think it worth circulating in the blog [?]
Mike Salthouse