Calling all gardeners!

The Thompson and Morgan seed catalogue  from which you can order seeds with 50% off the price for club members is ready for  circulation together with order forms. If you would like to see the catalogue please contact James Lee at or phone 32671. The order forms  should ideally be returned to him or handed in at the next meeting on Tuesday 10th November in the village hall.
If you have not yet joined the club you can do so now. The annual subscription is £8.   We also enjoy a valuable discount scheme with Castle Gardens in Sherborne, so these benefits  more than cover the cost of the sub – and we have some very interesting speakers at our  monthly meetings.
James Lee

Christmas Gift & Craft Fayre – Stalls Available


North Cheriton Village Hall

Saturday 14th November 2015

10.30am – 3.00pm

There are still a couple of stalls available at just £6.50 per 6ft table so if you, or a craftsperson you know, can help fill these slots please get in touch with Sheila on 32608 or email

Parish Council Minutes Sept 21st 2015


Councillors:; Janet Down; Lesley Tyson; David Young; William Wallace; Tim Inglefield; Hannah Crofts;Gillian Freeman; Nick Haggett; Hannah Crofts
Phil Bourne – Clerk; Parishioners Alex Hill & Kate Hill
Councillors: James Lee, Jenny Chambers; David Badham-Thornhill; Richard Biss
Hannah Crofts – Issued with Register of Interests
Hannah Crofts – Issued with the Signed Declaration of Acceptance of Office

Declarations of Interest / Dispensations
Minutes of last meeting
Signed as an accurate reflection of last meeting minutes by Chairman of the Council
Matters Arising
Parish Council Chairman, David Young welcomed Hannah Croft as the new councillor representing Holton.
William Wallace outlined the small improvement traffic highways scheme and requested Parish Council feedback. The scheme needs to be promoted and advertised on notice boards with the emphasis on road safety.
Tim Inglefield requested Parish Council representation at the Flood Review meeting, regarding concerns regarding rate increases as a consequence of funding the SRA to address flooding issues.
‘No HGV’ signs for Holton village – do not form part of the current scheme programme. Passed onto Area Highways Office.
Tractors through villages – request for feedback from other Parishes – The council has stated:
The issues caused by tractor traffic through the parish, especially the centre of the village, are becoming an increasing concern due to the changes in farming practice and the increasing number of individual farms using land on both sides of the village centre.  Some of the issues of concern include the speed and size of tractors, use of mobile phones by drivers, driving attitude (with associated hazard to all road users), damage to ditches and verges due to the size of tractors and the effect of vibration on homes close to the road.  
The Parish Council will be ascertaining the level of concern within the Parish but would like to know whether other Parish Councils, both locally and across the rest of Somerset, are experiencing similar issues and, if so, views and whether anything has been done about it (with or without success!).
Parish Clerk positioned advertised via SALC & Local notice boards
Phil Bourne officially stepped down as Clerk as of September 21
15/03868/FUL Mr Alex Hill application for change of use and conversion of former equestrian building to form 4 dwellings.
Summary points:
Alex Hill – Agreed to use other gate referenced in the application for the use of construction traffic
Alex Hill – Agreed to look into accommodating better at the entrances to the proposed dwellings – would be looking to amend the plans
Parish Council – As long as every effort is made to address the 2 points Alex Hill agreed to, the Parish Council has no objections.
Planning Decisions
15/03131/LBC Mr Tim Banwell application for replacement windows ( Wooden single glazed with Wooden double glazed ). The Nook, Holton St, Holton. BA9 8AN – Approved with conditions.

Somerset Waste Partnership monthly briefing (FYI)
Somerset Community Foundation eNewsletter (FYI)
Charity Commission News – Spring 2015 (FYI)
Public Sector Executive Newsletter (FYI)
Note: (FYI) = For your Information
Authorise Cheques:North Cheriton Village Hall cheque payment of £10
P.Bourne Clerk salary cheque for £351
P.Bourne payment for Wheelie Bin Stickers cheque of £43.50
Account review: Total Funds ( 2 accounts ) £9097.24 YTD payments £1986.17

Meeting finished at 8.35 pm

Phil Bourne – Clerk North Vale Parish Council