Parish Council Minutes

PRESENT Councillors:; Nick Haggett; Janet Down; James Lee; Lesley Tyson; Jenny Chambers; David Young
IN ATTENDANCE  Phil Bourne – Clerk
Apologies  Councillors: Gillian Freeman; Richard Biss; W. Wallace; Tim Inglefield
David Young; Lesley Tyson; Jenny Chambers – Completed and signed Register of Interests
David Young; Lesley Tyson; Jenny Chambers – Signed Declaration of Acceptance of Office with counter signatory by Clerk to the Parish Council.
No points raised
Declarations of Interest / Dispensations
Lesley Tyson regarding interest in North Cheriton Stocks discussions.
Minutes of last meeting
Signed as an accurate reflection of last meeting minutes by Chairman of the Council
Matters Arising
North Cheriton Stocks
No money to assist from Conservation at SSDC as the building is not grade 1 or II* it is unlikely Historic England will be able to assist either. There may be some money available through Area East or find a source of financial assistance on the Funds for Historic Buildings website –
The listing text refers to the canopy as a C20th addition to protect the historic stocks. The repairs will need to be like for like, but as the structure is relatively modern,  SSDC Conservation would be happy if this involved the entire reconstruction / replacement of the canopy if necessary.
Discussed David Tunbridge communication and clarification of the role of the Gale Trust
Councillor James Lee ( North Cheriton ) to request meeting with Brian Kilford, Doug Hodges and Mark Day to clarify next steps towards repairing the canopy.
David Balham Thornhill  co-opted as Councillor for Holton.  Sponsored by Chairman David Young and seconded by Vice Chairman Nick Haggett.
Councillors to update local parishioners on the new Parish council web-site-
2014/15 Audit signed by Parish Council Chairman as per May 18, 2015 minutes
E A Gales Parish Lands Charity Trustees and Clerk details to be updated on Charity Commission web site by Clerk.
Investigate who the North Cheriton Cemetery trustees are.
HSBC Bank Councillor signatories to be updated.
Investigate old A303 missing rubbish bin.
Concern regarding Gate to Bridle Way by side of A303. Clerk to contact Eve Wynn.
Update requested on A357 and Grove Lane improvements.
15/02057/FUL Ms Sarah Snell application for extension of the first floor to create an additional bedroom. Home Farm Cottage, Maperton Road, Maperton BA9 8EH. No objections by Parish Councillors.
Planning Decisions None
Planning Others       None
South Somerset Together – Health Assembly presentation slides & papers (FYI)
Flood Risk Management Event – Acknowledgement letter (FYI)
South Somerset Together AGM – Wednesday 8th July 18:00 – 20:30 (FYI)
Being a Good Cllr, has been added to the website for 26/08/15 in Cheddon Fitzpaine Memorial Hall (FYI)
Armed Forces Day – Fly the Flag ( June 22 ) – (FYI)
Area East Agenda – 10th June 2015 (FYI)
Shepherds Cross & Holton Safety improvements – Parish Council acknowledged and accepted Somerset Council recommendations and plan to implement in Autumn of this year.
Authorise Cheques as per May Minutes with Andy Greene to include lawn cutting for end May of £80 ( total cheque payment £160 ); Holton and North Cheriton Village Hall cheque payments of £10 each; Clerk salary of £351 and Expenses of £40.50 for the period April to June; SALC Affiliation Fees of £141.73 & Insurance with Broker Network of £376.94
Account review

Meeting finished at 8.20 pm

Phil Bourne – Clerk North Vale Parish Council

Neighbourhood Watch

Seasonal warnings:

Over the past couple of weeks there has been an increase in burglaries across Somerset.  Incidents have occurred during both daytime and during darkness hours.  Access has been gained in many instances through insecure windows/doors.

With the promise of better weather, please ask all members to ensure that properties are kept secure whenever possible.  Whether properties are being left for short periods or whilst on holiday, or even if you are going into the garden – always make sure that accessible windows and doors are kept closed and locked.

Another area of concern often related to this time of year is that of theft from motor vehicles.  Many of these incidents can be prevented by ensuring that vehicles are always kept secure, windows are closed and items of value removed (or at least put out of sight).

Another reminder, which is relevant any time of the year, is about malicious, fraudulent phone calls.  If anyone calls you from ‘Microsoft’ or ‘Windows’ about your computer saying you have a problem – do not believe them.  Terminate the call.  If they persist, one way of avoiding them is to say you have an Apple Mac.  Do not let these calls worry you as they are made at random and many others are receiving the same sort of calls.  There is nothing wrong with your computer and Microsoft would NEVER call you.
Similarly, anyone purporting to be from your Bank is not to be believed.  Again, terminate the call and do not engage them in conversation.

Please pass these reminders on to your friends and neighbours to help prevent them from becoming victims of fraud or scams.