Genealogy Help Needed

My name is Lyn Brown and I’m researching my Coombs ancestors from North Cheriton,Horsington and Wincanton and wondered if anyone in the village knew of, or ever had any enquiries from, people researching the same family ?
2 years ago, about 30 Parsons/Coombs descendants spent the weekend at Horsington village hall. We had a great time, visited several of the local church yards and known Parsons properties including farms etc. I’m hoping in the future we can do so again.
The Parsons and Coombs families are inextricably linked through time and I also wondered if there are any descendants of those families in the the village of North Cheriton and Horsington ?
Is it possible that you could mention/ask on your blog for villagers with links to contact me ?
Telphone:  01202 949629 or 07850 238483
Kind Regards
Lyn Brown
My earliest ancestor is Edward Comb, born in Wincanton in 1734. His grandson was Robert Coombes, born 1767 in North Cheriton.