Gardeners Society ANNUAL SHOW – 6th September, 2014.

The entry forms have to reach the Club Secretary Joan Douglass in Templecombe by this Monday 1st September. James Lee at the Well House is planning to take any remaining entries to her that morning. If anyone still has an entry to go in, either leave them with him at the Well House or phone him on 32671 so he can arrange to collect Monday morning. James also has spare entry forms if anyone wants one.

Family Service this Sunday

Calling all Families

There is a Family Service this coming Sunday 31st August in the Church at 9.30 am, taken by Tristram (the Rector). For the moment we have this service only four times a year so do come! It will also be an opportunity to meet other families. Refreshments after the Service as usual.

Red Telephone Box – £1-00!

Dear Residents

You may have noticed that the Red Telephone Box in the village is looking in need of some TLC. This is because British Telecom no longer maintains these boxes and have a scheme whereby the community in which they are situated can buy them for the grand sum of £1. This may sound like a bit of a bargain but there is the upkeep of the box to be considered.

Communities adopt these boxes as they are an old fashioned and picturesque part of village scenery and they can be adapted for other uses once decommissioning (removal of the phone equipment) has taken place. Horsington, for example, have turned theirs into a store for a defibrillator unit which several villagers have been trained to use in the event of an emergency. For this they received a grant from the council as it was considered a valuable resource for their community (see recent report in the BVM). Another use could be as a book exchange or a mini greenhouse. Uses are only limited by the collective imagination.

The idea has been floated that we buy this box, rather than lose a rather nice village landmark and this email is intended to engage the wider community by seeking their opinions on the project.

Not everyone subscribes to this blog so can I ask you to mention this to neighbours over the next fortnight or so and get back to me with any reactions to the idea. Reactions – and ideas too. Please do reply to me, even if it is just to say “I’m not bothered one way or the other!” so that I don’t feel as though I am talking to myself. All opinions are valuable and valid.

I look forward to hearing from you.

Lesley Tyson
Holt Farm
Tel: 33718

Break In – Cherrington Lane

Last weekend the garage at the back of a farmhouse in Cherrington Lane was broken into and a quad bike worth about £6000 was stolen. There was a lawn mower hitched to the quad bike which the thieves left behind [and has now been moved] and the police wondered if they might return for it at a later date. The police came and neighbours were advised to be extra vigilant and report anything suspicious.