Wednesday, 9TH April, 2014          7.30pm          The Village Hall

 Since the first Parish Meeting in North Cheriton , held on 4th December 1894, there has been an almost unbroken sequence of annual meetings.  Your attendance at this meeting is important as it will allow you to air your concerns and perhaps offer to help on village matters to everyone’s benefit.  The meeting also includes the Village Hall AGM, which is concerned with all the Social activities in the village.

This year we must address the  dangerous  road safety situation on the B3145, which is a  major feeder route to the A303 from Sherborne and beyond.  Inside the North Cheriton 30mph speed limit on this road, 43% of the traffic is above 40mph and 5% above 50mph, frightening and dangerous for walkers, joggers, cyclists, horse riders and residents. Traffic calming measures are long overdue and for reasons that are unclear there are no village name boards advertising our presence and the need to take care.  We appear to be one of very few villages in Somerset which does not have them.  Come and let us know what you think.

The need for better Broad Band capability may well be discussed, as an upcoming topic, so please try to be there! 

To all new residents of our peaceful village, we extend a warm welcome to this meeting.  Throughout the year there are events that bring the village together and foster the British community spirit.  We hope you will be able to join us and meet other residents and see what is going on in North Cheriton


  1. Election of Chairman and Secretary for 2014-15
  2. Apologies for Absence
  3. Minutes of Parish Meeting of electors, 2013, and Matters Arising.
  4. Village Hall AGM  (Chaired by Richard Strachan)
  5. Parish Council Report and position on Village Sign Boards (given by Peter Clackson)
  6. Speeding on B3145 and danger to walkers, plus Speed Watch Report (given by Graham Skillen)
  7. Gale Trust Report  (given by Brian Kilford)
  8. Church Matters & Thomas Abbott Trust Report (given by Belinda Salthouse)
  9. Neighbourhood Watch Report (given by Lesley Tyson)
  10. Any Other Business

Graham Skillen – Chairman.  33388

James Lee – Secretary.   32671