Many readers will know of the Food Bank that we in North Cheriton support.
While Food Banks have been in existence for many years in towns and villages throughout Britain, we have heard evidence from OXFAM and Church Action on Poverty so far half a million people have had to turn to  them in 2013. This is three times as many as in 2012.
Our collection point for the Yeovil – centred Lord’s Larder is in our own Church in North Cheriton, St John the Baptist.
This is an urgent  Christmas Call to all readers and dwellers in North Cheriton, to bring supplies of non-perishable foodstuff to fill the box in our Church.

Some suggestions: –

  • Tins of meat, fish, baked beans and other vegetables.
  • Packets of dry food, biscuits, instant potatoes, pasta, dried baby milk.
  • Tea bags, jam, marmite, sugar, cereals.
  • Cartons of long-life milk, fruit juices.

So when you next shop for yourself and family, please put some extra items in your trolley. Then deliver to St John’s North Cheriton.
The North Cheriton organizers will check frequently, but the last collection date will be at noon on Monday 23rd December.
This will enable the food donations to be taken direct to Yeovil to be distributed as soon as possible when it is most needed.

A Happy Christmas to you, and our needful neighbours.