All members of the council are hereby summoned to attend the Monthly Parish meeting of the North Vale Parish Council to be held at 7:30 pm on Monday 20th March 2023 at Holton Village Hall.

All members of the public and press are invited to attend.

Barry Druce  –  Parish Clerk


Electors Question Time/Comments

County / District Councillor Reports

23.12    Apologies

23.13    Declaration of Interest/Dispensations

23.14    Minutes of Last Meeting

Receive and sign the minutes of the Parish Council Meeting held on Monday 20th February 2023.

23.15    Matters Arising from Minutes. 

23.16    Planning Applications.  Plus any received by 20th March 2023:

23.17    Planning Decisions.  Plus any received by 20th March 2023:

23.17.1    22/02965/HOU  Erection of a single storey oak framed extension to the rear of the dwelling –        Fives Court Cheriton Hill North Cheriton Templecombe Somerset BA8 0AB                      GRANTED                       

23.18    Planning Other

23.19    Correspondence

            23.19.1  SWP Service Guide for South Somerset

23.20    Financial Matters

23.20.1  Review balances as at 28th February 2023

            23.20.2  Authorise Cheques

23.20.3  Lloyds Bank Business Online Service

23.21  Speed Indicator Device latest update

23.22  Matters of report and items for next meeting. 

23.22.1 The next meeting will be held on Monday  17th April 2023 at 7:30pm in Holton Village Hall.



The Lord’s Larder Yeovil

The church continues to collect for the Lord’s Larder.  We should like to take our donations to them in time for distribution before Easter bearing in mind that the school holidays will make the need for food even greater.

Please take your donations to the church and leave them in the plastic crate near the font.  They will be taken over on Thursday 30 March.  Thank you.

The website has listed the following items as being needed (as of 6 March 2023), but any donations will be greatly appreciated.

Tins of Spaghetti

Tins of Beans and Sausage

Tinned Meat Pies

Tins of Sweetcorn

Tins of Sardines

Packets of Savoury Rice

Tins of Potatoes

Toilet Roll

Carrier Bags

ATTENTION to all NC Heating Oil Users – Don’t miss out!

Alternative Fuel Payment Scheme

This applies to many of the properties in North Cheriton Village

Earlier this month the government announced the start of alternative fuel payments to domestic and non-domestic users of heating oil but, with end users still raising questions regarding the payment methods and timing, the latest update is shared in full below along with additional advice from industry body UKIFDA.

– excerpt below from Website.

“You may be eligible for a £200 Alternative Fuels Payment (AFP) if both the following are true:

  • your household is not connected to the mains gas grid
  • you use alternative fuels as your main form of heating

This is on top of the £400 from your electricity supplier.

You’re eligible for this payment if the main way you heat your home uses:

  • tank or bottled gas
  • liquid petroleum gas (LPG)
  • oil
  • wood
  • solid fuel

Most homes that are eligible for this payment will get it automatically as a credit on their electricity bills from February 2023.

You may not get the payment automatically if your home is either:

  • in an area that is mainly connected to the gas grid
  • not connected to either the gas or the electricity grid

If you do not get this payment automatically

You may have to apply for this payment through the AFP Alternative Fund if you do not get it automatically – for example, because you do not have a contract with an electricity supplier.

Applications will open by the end of February 2023.”

The £200 payments began on 6th February 2023, with most customers receiving the payment automatically as a credit on their electricity bill within the next month.

The government has provided electricity suppliers with a list.

A small minority of customers, including those living in park homes or on houseboats with no direct electricity supplier, and those on the gas grid but without a gas connection and using heating oil, will need to apply to the Alternative Fuel Payment Alternative Fund (AFPAF) via an application portal on the government’s website which is not yet active but applications are expected to open by the end of February.

My experience…

As a North Cheriton Resident, I had a typical experience of many by having my competitively priced energy supplier go bust, and subsequently being transferred over to another supplier on a much more expensive variable rate. In this case with Shell Energy. Like anyone registered with an electricity supplier I benefit from the ‘Energy Bills Support Scheme’, translated as the £67 off my monthly bill (some may receive more funding depending on their own circumstances).

However, also like many in North Cheriton I am on an ‘electricity-only tariff’, where I independently purchase heating oil as the primary source of heating in the household. When the AFP was announced (somewhat quietly by the govt) I notified my electricity provider Shell Energy to enquire how they will be making the £200 Alternative Fuel Payment.

I did this by email, and after many replies of first being told my account is not registered as eligible despite being on heating oil, and my asking how they establish this in the first place (I had no response that) they subsequently updated this and £200 was debited to my bank account the very same day (21/02/2022).

I do not wish to see any resident potentially miss out on their entitlement. So please contact your main electricity supplier to firstly;

  • Notify your energy supplier you are eligible for the AFP scheme
  • Check they have your account registered as such, and if not, they must update this; The govt have stated they will open a registration portal end of Feb but there has been no update nor any information provided yet to the energy supplier nor the local South Somerset authority.
  • Ask how and when the payment will be made. It may be as a one off £200 bank transfer or deducted from your next electricity bill(s).

I hope this helps. Please do not miss out, especially in such hard cost of living times.

William Wills, Vale View Farmhouse, Cheriton Hill

Please feel free to leave below any comments of your experience with the AFP payment/registration, it may be helpful to others.

NHW – Livestock worrying

Dear Coordinators,

Do please share this important message below from our Rural Affairs Unit.

Unfortunately, we have received numerous reports of livestock worrying in recent weeks!!

Rural Affairs Unit – Avon and Somerset Police would like to remind dog owners to act responsible when walking in the Avon and Somerset countryside. Livestock worrying is a criminal offence. This offence does not require livestock to be injured, allowing your dog to be out of control around livestock you will be committing that offence. The impact of livestock worrying on our farming community can be devastating.

Please always keep dogs under control around livestock and if observed call: after the event 101 or report on-line, whilst it is happening 999.

You have received this message because you are a member of one or more groups within the Avon and Somerset Police area.

NHW – Scam advice.

Dear Coordinators

Please be advised of some useful information provided by our Fraud Prevention Team:

This is not new, but we have seen many occurrences recently where people have been defrauded when selling items using Facebook Marketplace.

The victim will advertise an item and the fraudster agrees to buy it. The fraudster then arrives at the victim’s address, presenting a fake banking app showing that the payment has been made to the victim. The victim hands over the goods, believing they have been paid, only to realise that they haven’t received the money some hours later. If the victim checks their account and questions why the money hasn’t yet arrived in their bank, the fraudster will say that it can take a couple of days to show. Intimidation tactics may also be used.

A few tips for using buy and sell sites include:

• Staying on the site when communicating

• Research seller/buyer history

• Use the recommended payment method, or you may not be refunded for any losses to fraud.

• If the deal seems too good to be true, it probably is – listen to your instincts

• If you are selling online, be certain that funds have entered your account before handing over/sending goods – fraudsters can send fake emails stating funds have been sent or present a fake payment confirmation when they arrive at your door to collect. Login to your account via the trusted route to check this.

You have received this message because you are a member of one or more groups within the Avon and Somerset Police area.

Open Garden – Saturday 11th February

Owners Lisa and Steve Prior

Open Garden for the National Garden Scheme Charities

Blackmore House, Holton, Somerset, BA9 8AN

Saturday 11th February 2022 – 11am to 3pm

Garden Admission £4.50 adults, children free. Cash or cards accepted.

Sarah Holmes, Head Gardener at the National Trust, Barrington Court will be on hand to answer your horticultural questions.

Tea/coffee and cakes will be served in the Village Hall two doors down for a suggested donation £1 drink, £2 cake. Non-gardeners are welcome to just drop in the hall for cake.

The 2023 Somerset edition National Garden Scheme free booklet, listing all this year’s private open gardens will be available at the gate.

The National Garden Scheme supports health, nursing and wellbeing charities very close to the owners’ hearts including MacMillan Cancer Support, Marie Curie, Carers Trust, Hospice UK and Parkinson’s UK.

“We do hope you will be able to visit our hidden cottage garden, you can expect to see daphnes, sarcococca, hellebores, snowdrops and more in full bloom. Cake donations would be appreciated.”


Over the last months, I have toyed with the idea of setting up a French conversation group in the neighborhood, while hearing several times that people would enjoy the opportunity to practice their French. Many studies have proven that speaking another language is one of the best exercises to train our brains, limiting the effects of dementia and other illnesses related to aging of the brain. I was fascinated by a recent podcast where the speaker declared that the brain should stay young forever if only, we were giving it the opportunity to explore and strengthen, the way a child does.

If you would be interested in joining a French conversation group, please contact me. I am prepared to run two different groups to respond to people’s various levels (one group for fluent speakers, another for intermediate) and schedules. The groups would need to meet on a weekday, during daytime. Cost would be £5 per person, for a group of minimum 3 people.

I already have a few confirmed interests, so I only need a couple more of people to get started.

Merci, et à bientôt j’espère!

Jeanne.                                                         07894 470402