Meeting request:

All members of the council are hereby summoned to attend the Monthly Parish meeting of the North Vale Parish Council to be held at 7:30 pm on Monday 15th August 2022 at Holton Village Hall.  All members of the public and press are invited to attend.

David Chapman – Clerk, North Vale Parish Council



Monday 15th August 2022 @7.30pm

Holton Village Hall

Electors Question Time/Comments

County / District Councillor Reports

22.90    Apologies

22.91    Declaration of Interest/Dispensations

22.92    Minutes of Last Meeting

            Receive and sign the minutes of the last Parish Council Meeting on Monday 18th July 2022

22.93    Matters Arising from Minutes

22.94    Planning Applications. Plus any received by 15th August 2022

            22.94.1 22/02019/HOU Lower Farm House, The Old Rectory Lane, North Cheriton – alterations and extensions to existing dwelling to include new dormer window and two storey rear extension.

            22.94.2 22/01395/FUL Land at Lower Farmhouse, the Old Rectory Road, North Cheriton – erection of 1No. Dwelling house and detached garage – amended plans

            22.94.3    22/02154/HOU 2 The Barns, Lower North Cheriton Road, North Cheriton – demolition of existing extension and erection of a single storey extension to side and a single storey extension to rear of dwelling.

22.95    Planning Decisions

            22.95.1 22/00929/FUL 2 The Barns, Lower Cheriton Lane, North Cheriton – formation of new vehicular access and driveway – approved with conditions. 

22.96    Planning Other           

22.97    Correspondence

            22.97.1 SSCAT Bus – thank you letter for donation.

            22.97.2 Somerset County Council – consultation on council tax support scheme.

            22.97.3 South Somerset District Council – rubbish bin at lay-by in Holton.

22.98    E A Gale’s Parish Lands Charity

22.99    Financial Matters

            22.99.1 Review balances as at 31st July 2022

            22.99.2 Authorise Cheques

22.100  Speed Indicator Device

22.101  Co-option of Parish Councillor for North Cheriton

22.102  Matters of report and items for next meeting.

            22.102.1 The next meeting will held on Monday 19th September 2022 at 7:30pm in Holton Village Hall.

David Chapman-Parish Clerk

NVPC – Minutes

                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                            NORTH VALE PARISH COUNCIL COUNCIL MEETING


Monday 18th July 2022

Holton Village Hall

Steve Prior signed his acceptance of office form.

Electors Question Time /Comments – none

County / District Councillors Reports – The County Councillors’ report had been circulated prior to the meeting.

Present: David Badham – Thornhill (Acting Chairman), Doug Hodges, Gillian Freeman, Janet Down, Simon Ford, Steve Prior & Graham Boaler.

In attendance: David Chapman (Clerk).

22.76 Apologies: Dave Young, Jenny Chambers, William Wallace and Hayward Burt.

22.77 Declaration of Interest/Dispensations: none.

22.78 Minutes of Last Meeting;

The minutes of the Parish Council Meeting on Monday 20th June 2022 were agreed, subject to a change to item 22.70 where the word ‘not’ was removed to confirm that the Gayle’s Financial Trust had refused a request to pay for cutting the grass at the bus stop in North Cheriton. Once this change was made the minutes were signed.

22.79 Matters Arising from Minutes:

Clerk reported that Crestmoor has offered to install the new litter bin in the lay-by in Holton and has offered to make a contribution towards the purchase cost. The Clerk has spoken to SSDC to make sure that they will still empty it on a regular basis and they will make recommendations regarding the type and style of bin that they would like to see installed. It may be the case that they may be able to supply one.

Clerk reported that all the signatures for the form to set up a new bank account with Lloyds Bank have been obtained and that the form will now be submitted.

Clerk reported that the the new PCSO has written to the speed camera department to ask them to attend the B3145 Cheriton Hill, North Cheriton.

22.80 Planning Applications: none

22.81 Planning Decisions: none

22.82 Planning Other:

The concerns of local residents regarding a structure erected at a property in Holton were discussed. It was agreed that further enquiries regarding the owner’s long term intentions for the structure should be made.

22.83   Correspondence:

22.83.1 Somerset County Council Traffic Engineer – it was confirmed that the new Traffic Engineer will look into improved signage on the B3145 at Cheriton Hill, North Cheriton and will discuss it with the new Somerset County Councillors.

22.84  E A Gale’s Parish Lands Charity – nothing to report.

22.85   Financial Matters:

22.85.1 Review balances as at 30th June 2022. The schedule was reviewed. The balance as at 30th June 2022 stands at £14,687.88

22.85.2. Authorise Cheques:

101166 £100.00 SSCAT Bus – donation

101167 £302.13 D Chapman – Clerk’s salary and expenses July 2022

101168 £207.00 Wayne Pamphilion – cemetery maintenance June and July

22.86  Speed Indicator Device:

Simon Ford reported that he has been encountering problems with the SID unit due to the ingress of water into some of the connectors and USB ports and that he will need to speak to the manufactures. He  may need to take the unit back to them for modifications.

The latest data from the SID installation at the entrance to Holton was reviewed and discussed. Clerk will send the data to the PCSO.

22.87 Vacancy for Clerk – Clerk reported Barry Druce has been appointed as the new Parish Clerk and he will take up the roll from October. It was also reported that Mr Druce has some pre-booked holiday in October that would clash with preparing for the monthly meeting. Councillors agreed to put the October meeting back to Monday 24th October (one week later).

22.88 Co-option of Parish Councillor for North Cheriton:

Clerk reported that no applications have been received to fill the vacancy. Doug Hodges will speak to the person who had previously shown an interest.

22.89 Matters of report and items for next meeting:

22.89.1 The next meeting will held on Monday 15th August 2022 at 7:30pm in Holton Village Hall.

Doug Hodges reported that a local resident had said that SSE had been granted permission for the road closure in Cheriton Hill, North Cheriton. Clerk reported that Somerset County Council had said that SSE had a permit to erect traffic lights but not to close the road into North Cheriton.

Meeting closed at 8:20 pm

David Chapman – Parish Clerk

Hay Field needs cutting

We have a acre field that is in desperate need of cutting. The grass is quite tall but if anyone would be interested [or know of anyone who may be] in cutting the grass in North Cheriton area, for mutual benefit. i.e. no charge in either direction. Please phone Mike Salthouse on [01963] 31382′.

St John the Baptist Church

Thank you !

A huge thank you to everyone who placed items in the church for The Lord’s Larder. Caroline and Belinda took a large number of items in to Yeovil yesterday morning where they were very gratefully received. This is a perfect way to help in a very practical way and your generosity is really appreciated.

The boxes remain in the church if you wish to donate more items.

Save this oak tree

As seen in the New Blackmore Vale magazine this week, please help save a veteran oak tree from destruction by signing this petition.

I am sure we are all in favour of adding carriageways to the A303 but not every living thing has to be sacrificed to this cause.  Every signature counts and they are looking for 50,000.  As I write, the petition has already reached over 43,000 so the goal is achievable.

Thank you.

Don’t forget ….!

Come along to the Village Hall Annual General Meeting at North Cheriton Village Hall on Tuesday 19 July at 7.30pm.

We often take the humble village hall for granted. They are the heart of rural life for many villages across the country and provide a lifeline for the local community.

Acting as ‘community hubs’, village halls up and down the UK serve as meeting places – where friendships are formed and strengthened – where stories are read, plays performed, music heard, cakes baked, and dances danced.

Our village needs YOU !